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Choppy typing and cursor pauses

Clean Install Of Windows 10 Allowed With Windows 7/8.1 Key

Classic Windows Theme

Clean Instal of Windows 7 - can't access iTunes

Cleaning out the drive for the first time

Clean up programs for Vista

Cleaning out your machine with ctrl and f11

Cleaning Residual Infections + Windows Update issue.

Clean install: Failure on CD boot

Clean installation made me lose sound!

Cisco systems vpn error

Clean Install Mess

Clicking "Create Mail" now opens two new mail windows at a time

Click on Search links

Clicking "Start" won't bring up Shut Down Window

Clicking Throws me off active window

clipsp.sys startup error

clock stops in Vista (32) also in BIOS

Clock keeps going out by mins or hours?

Clearing windows memory of which programs to open files with?

Clock time issues on Windows Vista

Clean reinstall of Windows 10

Clock gadgets and Win 10

cloned an ssd drive for windows 10 now booting differently

Clock is always behind

Closing programs is very slow

cmd prompt typing repeat rate slow

Clocks wont stay synced

CMC for windows 7

Cmedia sound drivers

Cloning laptop HD with Windows 10 to larger Hard Drive

collecting events log without the need to start VPN tunnels to customers?

Color change in display

Codecs not working and active desktop keeps coming back

color missing on task bar


Comboboxes show Chineese Characters in Screentip

Color probelms in windows 7

COM/LPT port issue

Command Prompt Window Won't Stop Flashing

combo usb/firewire card not working

Command.exe? Firefix pops up

Common Startup in msconfig problems

common folder shows up on desktop

comdlg32.dll file

comdlg3232 - the application is not a valid windows image

Comp a bit slow

Comp Refreshes when Opening Control Panel

Comp crashed and after reboot

Comp resets. plez help

comp freezing

Combat Flight Simulator2 Locks Up

Comp freezing using certain programs

Comp freezes finding nvata in system error log

commercial music cd will not play on PC

Comp giving code 10 no matter what.

Coming back from screen saver

Compaq - Touchpad Mouse Freezes Whilst Typing

Comp down to a crawl

Comp Programs Locking up?

Comp Minimizes/Out of Focus

Comp freezes when doing anything cool

Comodo Pro Firewall Latest Update Trojan?

Comp freezes finding nvata is system error log

Compaq Presario cq42 BSoDs after some time at hibernate or sleep.

Complete Backup (OS plus programs and settings)

Compatible / Incompatible Vista Applications

compaq wont keep bios settings sometimes

compatibility on xp and older games

compatibility with 98

Complete Idiot with PC Issues - Please take pity!

Compound problem with taskbar

Complete freeze playing music

Complete lag and slow down after reboot

Compaq Ipag won't connect to cable internet

Compatibility with W98SE & MSDOS programs

Completely Lost. No Administrative Rights

compter doesn't recognise correct ram size.

complex problem with cd burning.

compin trouble

Comptuer Shutdown after monitor Standby

Computer audio/display skipping

Computer B cannot access internet through LAN

Computer Auto Shuts Down when on for too long

Computer booting incredibly slow and all apps slow

Computer blocks wanted files

computer cannot get quicktime

computer can't read cd

Computer automatically dials-up

Computer can't detect Microphone

complicated problem dealing with malware and registry issues/ Windows 7

Computer can't sleep

Computer a bit sluggish

Computer Always Freezing and randomly restarts

Computer booting slow H/T log

computer boot problems continous spins

Computer crash and won't boot?

Computer beeps even with sound off!

Computer can't run anything and I can open system settings.

computer boot up takes too long: 10-20 min!

Computer crash issues

Computer boots really slow

Computer completely stalls for 10-20 seconds

Computer "disappeared" from Network List

computer (HDD) is unresponsive after installing latest Windows Update

Computer constant problem

Computer crash looking for sys file

Computer cannot detect any audio devices

Computer Crashing After Login / Windows XP

Computer choppy and laggy

Computer boots up to blue windows setup screen

Computer Crashes Randomly and with Games - Minidump available

Computer crashes and gets stuck in restart loop; error message noted

Computer crashes at start up

Compatability of McAfee Security Suite 8 and Lavasoft

Computer Crashing/Freezing Issues Question

Computer crashes to random colored screen or lined screen

Computer crashes at STARTUP

Computer crashing/freezing

Computer blinks on and off.

computer crashing!

Computer Crash - OS won't fully start

Computer desktop wireless reboots

Computer Desktop/Brower/Taskbar Unresponsive to mouse

Computer Crashing and error messages

computer crashing and freezing

Computer booting up really slow!

Computer doesn't always shutdown

Computer Desktop screen application open very slow

Computer crashing since update

Computer doesnt shutdown

Computer always restores settings to original every time I shut down.

Computer extremely slow. Almost unresponsive.

computer freezes during A/V scan

Computer doesn't recognize D and E drives

Computer Extremely Slow - unusable

Computer freeze when trying to install monitor driver in Windows ME

computer freezes and error log points to the following:

Computer freezes - screen sample

Computer crashes continually after reformat

Computer freezes and can't log onto the internet with out error

Computer Doesn't Sleep

Computer don't recognize me as Administrator

Computer Dials Up Automatically at Start Up

Computer freezes 50% of the time i open a folder

Computer flashes on and off please help.

Computer flicker - Maybe something running in background?

computer doesn't detect MIC's input of sound

Computer Freezes And Unable to Interact

Computer crashes when I turn on video camera!

Computer Freezing Consistently (Maybe not the standard problems?)

Computer Freezing & Crashing

computer freezes when keyboard is pressed

Computer Freezes/Crashes

Computer freezes intermittently

Computer consistantly freezes soon after signin.

Computer freeze-ups

Computer Freezes and seems to be loading something constantly

Computer freezing constantly random times

Computer freezing for no apparent reason! Please

Computer Freezing or Crashing

computer don open once

Computer Extremely Slow. Spyware?

Computer freezing intermittently

Computer Freezes during restart while doing System Restore

Computer Freezes/Reboots Randomly

computer freezing again when I download photos

Computer freezes when left idle

computer crashs then reboots

Computer freezing after installing Epson RX_600 All-in-one printer/fax

Computer freezes spasmodically

Computer freezes when scanning!

Computer Freezes With Dmw9s Error

computer freezing and crashing

Computer Gradual Lag

computer freezes. motherboard temp of 59 C

Computer Freezes.Cannot Figure out what is wrong!

Computer freezing constantly: Malware related?

Computer freezing before HD check

Computer freezing/crashing - fasttx2k error

computer frezing so often

Computer goes unresponsive shortly after login

Computer hibernates whenver I reboot

Computer freezing when starting certain programs

Computer freezes when I start up certain programs?

computer frezzing up

Computer freez on user logon

computer has been crashing alot

Computer Hanging Up all the time

Computer has slowed down and stopped responding

Computer hangs after ms update

Computer hangs and crashes

Computer icons taskbar disapearing and constant error noise

Computer going slow and updates wont install correctly.

Computer in restart loop

Computer installation problems

Computer hangs on login

computer infected - popup ads everywhere!

Computer hangs at start-up and shutdown

Computer freezes after Windows 10 upgrade.

Computer has slowed to a crawl.

Computer has deleted all programs and will not install or download anything new

Computer is dog slow

computer halts at "starting up windows"

Computer is Freezing Up.

Computer is Freezing

Computer having random 'freezing' lag spikes

Computer is CONSTANTLY asking for automatic updates.

computer is sloooow

computer is "thinking" all of the time

Computer is "thinking" constantly

computer is skipping always just started today

computer is running kinda slow

computer is bogged down very slow

Computer is slow. only when sound files are being played.

Computer Freezing + HJ log

Computer is a mess after Adaware removal

Computer is just running slow and choppy.

Computer is insanely slow.can someone look at log

Computer is just SLO-OW-OW-OW.

Computer is really

Computer is running sloooooooooooow

Computer is very choppy

Computer is unusable

Computer is idle but Task Manager shows huge memory used up

Computer is SOOOOO Slow.please help me!

computer is freezing w/windowsme

Computer Has Started To LAG!

Computer just upgraded itself to XP.

Computer image/sound skipping

Computer keeps freezing and crashing!

Computer keeps freezing and restarting

Computer is freezing or rebooting

Computer keeps rebooting - Blue screen after Windows loading

Computer is slow and glitchy

Computer Freezing with win7 and win10.hardware or software?

Computer lagging big time and some programs not working :( Help me please

Computer Keeps restarting in SafeMode & Only Allows 16 Colors

Computer keeps crashing & freezing

Computer keeps crashing and now won't even start

computer lock ups-kazaa

Computer Media skipping

Computer lags/stutters.

Computer Lockup Problem

Computer Locking

Computer Locks and Reboots

Computer not going to sleep like it should be

computer lock-ups

Computer loading back-up partition

Computer Monitor Screen Extremely Choppy

Computer keeps randomly disconnecting/losing internet connection

Computer keeps freezing/failing to load

Computer not starting properly after updates

Computer not auto-playing flash drives:

Computer Locks Up at Shut Down Process

computer only boots on second try

Computer Mouse/Sound Lag every 2 seconds.

computer locking up may be a virus

Computer loses one drive

Computer keeps loading windows endlessly

computer keeps reloading

Computer not loading to windows after XP finishes installing

Computer memory usage problem?

Computer not accessing network

Computer not starting - MS Update

Computer Loading Problems

Computer not working with new hardware

Computer not loading after upgrade.

computer moniter displays fullscreen improperly

Computer pauses before shut down

Computer Problem During Installation

Computer occassionally locks up so that not even the mouse pointer will move

Computer Rebooting stops my backup program

Computer Problems/Upgrade

Computer periodically re-boots without warning - Windows 10

Computer randomly loading?

Computer really slow.pls help

Computer Pixelation Problem!

Computer Restarts on Sleep and Hibernate. Win 10

Computer Registry Issues

Computer reboots about 4 times a day

Computer reloads desktop over and over

Computer restarts about 4 times a day

Computer remains in sleep mode even after powering off and on.

Computer Reboots since intstall of wireless Adapter

Computer randomly starts lagging in games.

Computer Restarts Out Of No Where

Computer repeatedly rebooting on startup (HJT logs included)

Computer Reboots EVERY night

Computer reboots or freezes all the time.

Computer restarts nightly

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