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Comp runs slow

Comp running extremely slow

Comp slowed

Comp running slow; need to find & remove programs not needed

comp running very slow

Comp Sluggish

comp really slow

Comp is being very slow.

Comp very slow

Compter is way to slow need halp

Computer and Internet running VERY slow.

Computer Being Way Too Slow

Computer = Slow

Computer acting slowler

Computer boots and runs very slow

Computer Became Extremely Slow

Computer Extremely Slow :o(

Computer extremely slow

computer extremly slow

Computer gone very slow

Computer getting slow with slow startup

Computer Getting Slower & Slower

Computer has started to run slow.

computer has slowed down

Computer Has Become Sluggish

Computer has been running very slow. Please take a look.

Computer has slowed noticeably in last week

Computer is achingly slow

Computer is extremely

Computer is Deathly Slow

computer incredibly slow

Computer going extremely slow

Computer is running a bit slow

Computer is running too slow.

Computer is slow to load

Computer is sooo ssslllooowww Help!

computer is slowing down

Computer is running REALLY slow

Computer is rediculously slow

computer is VERY slow :/

Computer Is Down And I Need To Work!

computer is soooo slow

Computer is incredibly slow

Computer is very slow. help needed :-)

computer is running real slow please help:

Computer is ridiculously SLOW!

Computer is Very Very Slow

Computer is moving slow?

Computer is running stupendously slow

Computer is very

Computer is sluggish

Computer loading slow and .

Computer loads things slowly.

computer is sluggish .need help! please

Computer is vveerryy slow

Computer Performance is Too Slow

Computer performance very sluggish

computer preformance greatly slowed down.

Computer rather slow

Computer Really Slow Need Help

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