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choppy scrolling in internet browser

Clicking links opens blank pages in IE9

clicking on link does not open link

clicking "save target as" via ie8 closes the explorer

Cleaning up IE->Tools->Internet Options->Home Page -> Address

Clear IE

clicking does not open anything

Clicking on links has no effect

clearing IE cache

Clearing addresses in IE

clearing cache in IE

Click on links but nothing happens

Clicking and nothing happens

Clearing IE 6 History

Clicking on Links That Won't Open

closes internet explorer when posting pictures

closing "my computer" or "Control Panel" open internet explorer window

Closing IE & Windows explorer windows

Closing FOlder Problem - Internet Explorer Pop-up

Closing a window kicks me completely off the net

Closing PDF causes IE to shut down

Collected.2.f kills my IE browser!

Come back Internet Explorer!

Comcast Xfinity causes Internet Explorer 9 to close

Common Google problem with IE7/8/9 unable to open page!

common.priv.loglock desktop icon and notepad icon

comp runs slow 2 open internet explorer or will not open at all

Completely remove IE7?

Compuserve goes idle and logs off while using interner explorer

Computer America archives and IE 8

complete install - for offline? IE

Computer and IE is really slow

Computer does not remember details - Vista

Computer Dummie -Can't change ie home page

Computer EXTREMELY SLOW loading IE/applications

Computer freeze and IE problems

Computer Freeze Exploring Internet

Computer freezing up and IE not working at all.

Computer freezes when explorer opens

Computer hard freezes in Firefox or Int. Explorer

Computer freezes when going online outside of IE

Computer is infected: IE8 and Firefox won't open.

Computer painfully slow and IE won't launch

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