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comp is super slow help!

comp running very slow please help

Comp runs really slow sometimes

comp slow down any virus ?

comp has been running really slow.

comp running sloooow - things running in BG?

comp slow

Comp Runing slower than normal.

comp very slow whats wrong?

comp running sluggish

comp going slowly again.

Comp Freezes and runs slow after im on for just a little while.

comp slowing please help

computer been acting slow

Compuer ultra slow

Computer Always Runs Slow

Computer being slow?

computer being very slow

Computer bogged down by viruses

Computer acting sluggish.

Computer Acting Slow

Computer Being Slow Now

Computer continues to run extremely slow

Computer does EVERYTHING slow

Computer exceptionally slow

Computer Extra Sluggish

Computer being slowed by virus/malware?

Computer extremely slow: infection probable

Computer extremely sluggish

Computer Extremely Slow - Applications Crashing Computer

Computer Extremly slow and need anti virus!

Computer eXTRA slow

Computer Getting Slow Again

Computer gone slow

Computer getting slow and.

Computer freezing and general slowness.

Computer Going Slowly

computer going slowww

Computer getting slow - virus?

Computer getting slow after long time use ( And sometimes crash )

computer going very slow

Computer has gone SLOOOOOWWWWW

computer going sloow

computer has become very slow

Computer has been running incredibly slow recently.

Computer Going Slow

Computer has gotten super slow

Computer has been slow.

Computer Infected - Runs Terribly Slow

computer going real slow

Computer going slow then it should

Computer is acting slow.

Computer having multiple issues lately - please help!

Computer is acting very slow!

computer has slowed down - do i have spyware?

Computer going slow lately

Computer is slow

Computer is running very slow

computer is running very slow - please help

Computer is slow and getting slower

Computer gettingslower

Computer is slow.very slow

Computer is running really sliggish

Computer is runninng WAYY to slow!

Computer is operating really slowly!

Computer is getting very sluggish

Computer is going extreamly slow also I keep getting Ad popup really bad!

Computer is slower then normal

computer is slow and it takes forever for dig cam to download pics Help!

Computer is slower. Possible virus

Computer is Slowing Regularly

Computer is extremely slow

Computer is running extremely slow.

Computer is moving slower and slower

Computer is running SUPER SLOW

Computer is responding very slow

computer is running very very slow please help

Computer lagging/crashing

Computer is getting really slow.

Computer Lag and Technical issues.

Computer moving slow

computer moving too slowly

Computer not acting as usual.

Computer is slow-help!

Computer is slowww

Computer moving abnormally slow!

Computer moving slowly

Computer Operating Very Slowly

Computer going really slow!

computer is working slow

Computer Performance significantly slow (Virus?)

Computer moving slower than usual?

Computer Really Slow.plenty Ram.so Maybe A Virus?

Computer Problems- System slow etc.

Computer really slowed down for some reason

Computer running a bit slower than usual . HijackThis log posted

computer running like crap

Computer running dreadfully slow

Computer Running extremly slow

Computer Runnign Slow

Computer Running Slow and AntiVirus scan Hangs. Log attached

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